A training program business analysis is a kind of a business analysis which is done to understand and review the various training programs conducted by a business organisation. Any such analysis tries to assess the feasibility, usability and results of each of the training programs separately and together as a unit too.

Based on the results of these analysis’, a company makes necessary changes in order to improve the training programs and their benefits to the trainees. A sample of a training program business analysis has been given in the following part of the article and can be used for reference.

Sample Training Program Business Analysis

Company name: Unik Solutions Private Limited

Address: A-90, first floor, Potter’s building, Mark road, London

Contact number: 473059035

Managing director: Mr. Jack Pearson

Training program business analysis conducted by: Kell Peterson (senior analyst)

Analysis conducted on: 19th July 2013

Analysis submitted on: 29th July 2013

Analysis signed by: Henry Mathews (Vice president)

Aim of the Analysis:

This is a regular training program analysis which helps the company to review its training programs and improve them for producing better trained new employees who can help in increasing the productivity.

Method used for Analysis:

  • Each training program conducted in the past 1 year was watched and analyzed to review the performance of the trainer and the respective performances of each of the trainees.
  • Then, possible ways to improve the training program and written material were devised.
  • The time frame of each training program was revised to improve productivity.
  • New methods of training were suggested based on the changes in the industry and the work pattern.


It was found that every training program lasted for 5 hours with 10 minute breaks after every 90 minutes. The time period of the training program must increase to 6 hours. The written material needs to be changed according to the changes in industry norms. Quality of training needs to be improved.

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