A transportation analysis example is a document which presents the conclusions of an evaluative assessment of either the workings of a transportation company or a survey of the industry itself in order to present an account of it. Such a document is crucial as it helps to provide a detailed and in depth account of the finances of the transportation company in order to suggest changes which can be incorporated to bring about an improvement in its performance.

Sample Transportation Analysis Example

Transportation analysis conducted by: Internal Review Panel, Roadies Pvt. Ltd.

Date of composition of transportation analysis report: 23rd June 2011

Nature of transportation analysis report:

  • To evaluate the current problems plaguing the company due to which it has suffered huge losses in the past two years.
  • To suggest changes, which can be incorporated by the company in order to improve its performance in the forthcoming fiscal year.

Transportation analysis conducted keeping in mind the following parameters:

  • Customer satisfaction: The company has scored high in terms of customer satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction: Employee dissidence is a pressing problem which must be tackled immediately.
  • Nature of transportation operations: This is a road transportation company, specialized in the transport of heavy machinery, automobiles and heavy duty goods.

Proposed changes:

  • The number of vehicles should be decreased from twelve to ten in order to contain vehicle maintenance costs.
  • The salary of employees should be supplemented with a hike of ten percent, as the last pay rise occurred five years ago.
  • The routes should be kept intact. If permitted, route 23B should be avoided due to the condition of roads which necessitates delays and increase vehicle repair costs.

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