A transportation analysis format is a document which outlines the nitty-gritty of a transportation system. Depending on the kind of transportation analysis conducted, the nature of the analysis report will also vary. This kind of analysis can cover a wide range of focus areas like finance, route mapping, logistics, and infrastructure and so on related to transportation. This has a direct bearing on the findings of the transportation analysis, and the conclusions derived must be presented in an effective manner.

Sample Transportation Analysis Format:

Focus area of transportation analysis:

This section must outline the subject matter of the transportation analysis. Depending on the thrust area of the transportation analysis, the analytical tools, aims and results of the analysis will be impacted. The subject of the analysis must be clearly spelt out and all relevant information about it should be provided.

Purpose of transportation analysis:

The reasons behind the transportation analysis must be provided. This includes a clear outlining of the benefits which the transportation analysis is believed to incorporate. For example, policy changes that will be incorporated after the recommendations of the transportation analyzers can be a reason for conducting the analysis in the first place.

Data and graphs to be included in the transportation analysis:

The core data on the basis of which the transportation analysis will be conducted must be mentioned in a separate section. The raw data must be presented for perusal before the results of the transportation analysis are made evident in the concluding section of the report.


This will be the ultimate section of the report containing the inference drawn from the analysis conducted. This section must be given importance and the conclusions must be presented with accuracy and foresight.

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