A transportation analysis template is a document which provides an outline of the manner in which to compose a transportation analysis document. In other words, it serves as a general framework of such a document which can be edited and adjusted according to the needs of the particular user. They are easily available on the internet, and hence, they must be downloaded with caution. A transportation analysis is an evaluation of any or multiple aspects of the transportation sector. The analysis can choose to remain focused on one company or it can be a comparative evaluation of many companies. Irrespective of the nature of transportation analysis, the findings obtained by it should be presented in a manner which makes it have an immediate impact. The import of the transportation analysis must be easily accessible and well marked.

Sample Transportation Analysis Template:

Transportation analysis no#:

Transportation Company:

Green clearance certificates from transport department no#:

Date of submission [dd/mm/yy]:

Submitted to:                                                                  Created by:

For more detail contact:

Name and model of vehicle used by transportation company Number of vehicles in use in the transportation company currently Energy consumption of each vehicle [MI/PKT] Emission of greenhouse gases


Ratings of each vehicle by transport department and comments.
Urban diesel bus

[peak use]

Urban diesel bus

[off peak]

Gasoline sedan        
Gasoline SUV        
Light sedan        
Mini SUV        
Heavy duty trucks        

Current status of the following:

  • Vehicle manufacturing:
  • Vehicle insurance:
  • Vehicle active operation:
  • Vehicle inactive operation:
  • Infrastructure construction:
  • Client feedback:
  • Incorporation of new vehicles:
  • Green clearance from transport department:

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