A transportation analysis is referred to the analysis of a traffic zone or a roadway so as to obtain the detailed and accurate information about the projection of traffic volume and density at a given time of the day or a particular day of the week. A transportation analysis of this form takes into account various factors through which accurate forecasting about volume of traffic can be made. These factors are:

  • current or existing volume of the traffic in a particular area of roadway
  • the forecasted growth of traffic based on the growth of vehicle density
  • Major traffic generating points or locations.

The following are the reasons why transportation analysis is beneficial and useful:

  • Transportation analysis can help transportation authorities to merge or divert traffic in case of expected traffic jams.
  • The result of such analysis can lead to understanding the nature of traffic behaviour on public holidays or weekends.
  • The main benefit of transportation analysis is for private citizens of that particular area, commercial truck or lorry drivers, commuter, school bus drivers and also tourists.

Transportation analysis may also include reviewing and investigating of the traffic accidents. There are certain systems and engineering techniques that help to determine the safety and adequacy of roadways. Some of these techniques include traffic counters, review signs, striping record log etc.

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