The transportation cost analysis is a process which is undertaken to understand the cost of a certain transport project and to determine whether this is beneficial or not. This is done in order to evaluate whether the project taken up is a sound investment or not. The analysis is also done to understand the cost of different elements concerned with the project as well as the potential expenses incurred which may lead to profit or loss. The analysis does encompass a wide number of factors and thus the analyst is required to arrange and state all of them in a systematic manner. The transportation cost analysis should be formulated in a simple and concise manner.

Sample Transportation Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis for: Ohio Transportation Project

Date: 3.4.2012

Analyst: BRISK Analysts Co.

Purpose: This analysis has been created to ascertain the costs and benefits of the Ohio transportation projects for building a bridge over the highway intersection. This will take into account the background information and sources pertaining to the project as well as the economic issues concerned with it.


  • Project Plan Budget: $ 45 million
  • Preliminary Design Blueprint: Work in progress
  • Construction Planning: Approved by Transportation Board of Ohio
  • Project Capital Cost in preliminary stage: $ 12 million
  • Environmental Standard Hazard Safety Costs: $ 5 million
  • Vehicle Operation Cost Savings: $3 million.
  • Travel Time Savings: By 4 hours
  • Maintenance Cost: $13 million
  • Remaining Capital Value: $12 million


This project will be advantageous and profitable by $12 million at its initial period.



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