With the advent of major innovations in the field of transportation, there has been a boom in the various statistical and econometric methods of analyzing transportation data. These include tools like linear programming and graph theory which can equip an analyzer or statistician with the necessary methodology for analyzing complex data. This data has to be then represented in the form of a report which can include graphs, tables and charts. Thus, the transportation data analysis is an exercise in evaluation and assessment, finally culminating in a report.

Sample Transportation Data Analysis:

Transportation Data Analysis

Transportation data analysis created by: Bureau of Statistics, Neil Harvey University

Transportation data analysis created for: JB Transport Company Pvt. Ltd.

Purpose of transportation data analysis:

  • To evaluate the given data for a period of time and inspect the discrepancies between actual data and projections provided by the company.
  • To apply methodological and statistical tools to the field of data analysis.
  • To create a body of suggestions using the data provided to us, and predicting performance of the company in the forthcoming years.

Type of data analysis to be done:

Linear Programming

Function to be set up in the transportation data analysis:

To investigate how the delay in time of shipping affects money.

Variables of constraint:

Labor charges, Employee dissidence and Rising price of fuel

Method of transportation data analysis: To run a linear program algorithm on the function mentioned above after having determined the function and the variables of restraint, and to determine variables which will maximize profit and minimize cost factors.


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