A transportation industry analysis is an evaluation of the transportation industry, keeping in perspective the major players operating in this field. Since, the analysis of an industry or sector cannot be conducted on every relevant aspect, certain factors must be chosen on which the analysis can concentrate. This will ensure depth and relevance, and ease of analysis. The findings of the transportation industry analysis must be presented in a proper manner through a report, with supporting graphs and statistics.

Sample Transportation Industry Analysis:

Transportation industry analysis commissioned by: Transporters Magazine Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of transportation industry analysis: 23rd June 2011

Transportation industry analysis conducted by: Nelson and Timber.

Nature of transportation industry analysis:

  • This analysis shall focus on a set of parameters which will be applied to each player in the private transport industry. We are mainly concentrating on road transport, and thus we will restrict our analysis to this subdivision.
  • Each carrier shall be rated in these points. The company with the highest ratings shall be named the Transporter of the Year in our magazine.

Parameters on which the transportation industry analysis is based:

  • Carrier frequency-The number of vehicles in operation
  • Efficiency of supply-The incidents of loss of goods and delays
  • Optimization of route-The kind of routes used for transportation
  • Number of employees in service-Capacity and role in providing employment
  • Profits made in last five years-Performance of company
  • Impact on policy changes on the transportation industry-Share of the company on transport industry

Transportation industry report to be presented to:

Daniel Cleaver,

Editor in Chief,

Transporter Magazine Pvt. Ltd.

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