Transportation safety is one of the key issues for the successful functioning of any society. It is something that has human lives at its stakes and hence comprises of issues that must be treated with utmost importance and urgency. Transportation safety analysis calls for investigation and examination of the transportation safety measures enforced on the people of an area and thereby aims at judging its efficacy and seeking ways to improve if necessary.

Sample Transportation Safety Analysis:

Transport safety analysis performed by: Steve Hawthorn, state transport analyst.

Date of submission of analysis: March 16, 2012.

Area in question: Manhattan

Objective: to analyze the transportation safety measures adopted by the Manhattan traffic control office to prevent crashes and clashes.

Nature of transport: the Manhattan roads are mostly populated with high-speed private cars, public buses and cabs. Motorbikes and cycles are also seen quite frequently on the road.

Nature of roads: the roads are well maintained with set speed limits due to its round the clock busy status. Flyovers, highways and bypasses help supporting the immense traffic thereby preventing possibilities of traffic crashes and accidents. However, the area has been marked as accident prone due to several recent transportation mismanagement cases reported in the recent times.

Safety measures adopted:

  • Proper illumination of roads.
  • Setting of speed limits.
  • Proper demonstration of traffic signs and safety rules.
  • Reviewing of turning lanes, median barriers and channelization constructions.
  • Positioning of traffic polices within short intervals to check implementation of traffic rules and penalize offenders.

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