Transportation system analysis is an evaluation of the transportation system of a particular area with the intention of improving the system. The analysis thus involves a study into the various aspects of a transportation system; reviews transport performance and thereby, suggest ways for improvement if deemed necessary.

Sample Transportation System Analysis:

Transportation system analysis done by: Happyjourney Transport Agency.

Analysis submitted on: April 9, 2012

Aim: to investigate and judge the transportation system of Texas.

Kind of transport system analyzed: Public Transport,

Nature of transport available: the major transports available in the area are public buses, cabs, monorail, metro railways and shuttles.

Transport frequency: the frequency of buses is quite high with buses plying within an interval of 3minutes. The frequency of metro and monorail too are quite good with abundant availability of trains within an interval of 5 minutes each. However the frequency of cabs and shuttles are a tad disappointing.

Tariff: the transportation costs imposed are actually quite reasonable. While the railway and bus rents are quite cheap, the cab and shuttle fees are quite high mainly dependent on the fickle whims of the drivers.

Condition of roads and railway lines: the roads are well constructed with proper turns, speed restrictors and median barriers. The railway tracks are well maintained as well armed with proper safety equipments to prevent accidents.

Safety measures adopted:

  • Police patrolling to ensure implementation of traffic safety rules.
  • Well-demonstrated traffic signs and signals.
  • Verification of driver licenses and timely investigation of vehicles to ensure that they abide by the transportation safety protocols.

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