Travel industry analysis is an effective and strategic process through which efficacies and performance of the particular industry could be assessed. Moreover, it also pinpoints towards the associated components of this industry and their functioning. Hence, while constructing such an analysis one should emphasize on the major components of travel industry which is being analyzed so as to bring out best possible result.

Sample Travel Industry Analysis

Travel & Tourism Industry Analysis 2012

Analysis Conducted By: Liz Hall

The Office of Travel and Tourism-An Initiative of Honorable Government of America

Analysis conducted on: 6th June 2012

Purpose of the analysis:

This analysis document is solicited for propagating and enhancing the growth of America’s travel and tourism industry. This is being reproduced after a comprehensive and in depth studies research on travel and tourism industry. This includes market size and share ranging from “big avenues” to specific levels of the concern industry.

Factors Analyzed and Corresponding Findings:

  1. Inbound tourist flow: The travel & tourism industry showed remarkable and high performance in satisfying inbound tourist. This positive performance has helped the travel and tourism industry to gain profit through inflow of foreign currency during last forecast period.
  2. Outbound Tourist Flow: Outbound tourist usually do not purchase holiday and travelling packages in advance and wait for the last minute offers. However, due to prior reservations and shortage of travelling modes last minute offers are cancelled. This in turn is affecting the travel and tourism within the country itself. Hence, number of vehicles is needed to be increased so as to meet the customer’s need.
  3. Market Value of Travel Retail: Market value of travel retail in USA fell down in 2011 due to rising cautiousness of the citizens who are tightening their expenditure on travelling for ongoing economic crisis. Nevertheless, the market seems to improve by 3% in last quarter.

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