A web data analysis is an exercise whereby a web campaign or a website’s popularity can be gauged through the data available of web traffic of a website etc. The report that is compiled as a result will highlight the nature of the website’s popularity and will influence key business, commercial and policy decisions on part of campaigners or advertisers. The report of a web data analysis must be compiled by trained professionals and must be accurate.

Sample Web Data Analysis

The following is the web data analysis of Flipper Online Shopping web portal [www.flipper.com] which was launched in the month of June 2011.the following are some points to be noted regarding this web data analysis.

  • Name of website whose web data analysis will be conducted: Flipper Online Shopping
  • Date of submission of web data analysis report: 22nd July 2011
  • Period of data analyzed: one month [1st June to 1st July]
  • This is an on-site web data analysis.
  • Key performance indicators include: Purchase rates, Profit, Website Traffic, Popularity quotient, advertisement hits, presence on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • The report will be mailed to the concerned authorities and policy decisions will be made based on the findings in the web data analysis.
  • Analytical tools used: Logfile Analysis and Page Tagging
  • Other information such as email responses, collected data and advertising campaign responses will also be taken into consideration.

For more information and the complete web data analysis report please contact: 233248435 or log on to our website.

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