Website competitor analysis is a document used for analyzing the existing competition between any website and it’s contemporary. Such a document should be constructed in a way so that it becomes capable in locating the rivals and the kind of competition exist in the arena and determining the potential of the concerned website to endure it.

Sample Website Competitor Analysis

Name of the website: Astrology

Date of submitting the analysis document: 6th June 2011


This analysis of website Astrology is performed in order to analyze its stand on the market compared to other websites who offers the same services for future prediction, astrology numerology, horoscope and tarot card reading.

Factors that is analyzed:

  • Position analyzed by indentifying the competitors: On identifying the competitors of this website it has been found that this website is equivalently proficient and renowned for its client satisfaction. Therefore, this turned out to be one of the most preferred website for astrology as well.
  • Competitors profile sketching: Through competitors profile sketching, it has been found that websites which are ahead is due to their efficient regulation of marketing system. This website needs to improve its marketing strategies for better regulation and gaining new clientele base.
  • Analyzing the services: This website must increase its offerings and must provide new innovative services which would interest more people. This could be an effective process for expanding the business ahead and giving it a new dimension.

This analysis is being presented after a through quantitative study of related websites.

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