A customer analysis is an exercise in assessment which is conducted by professional agencies equipped with the technical knowhow of analyzing the customer base of a company or a business enterprise. It must be given the importance it deserves as a well made customer analysis report can really turn the fortunes of a company around. Some points that should be particularly kept in mind are as follows:

  • The customer base of the company should be identified and delineated as the situation may demand.
  • The demands of the customer should be given top priority. Surveys and personal interactions with customers in the form of questionnaires and feedback forms are especially helpful in providing an idea of customer expectations.
  • The customer demands should be met immediately. Care should be taken to ensure that the customer is given importance and that all measures of the company or the business enterprise should be directed at customer welfare.
  • Customers can be attracted to a company or establishment, if it is new, by promotional deals and attractive offers. However, a vestige of dignity should be maintained in these deals and they should not become cheap gimmicks.

Customer analysis is extremely crucial. Some of its primary uses are as follows:

  • It helps the management of the company understand its flaws or strengths. The suggestions of the client should always be incorporated as the customer is the most valued partner of a business.
  • It also provides a discursive medium for the company to reach out to the customer. It offers the latter with a voice with which they can express their opinions.

Customers can directly exert an influence through the customer analysis. It establishes an equitable distribution of power between both the company and the customer which is extremely desirable for the success and growth of the company.

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