The health analysis is the thorough study of a person’s physical and/ or mental conditions and investigating the state of illness, if any, followed by corresponding evaluation of the same. This type of an analysis includes the medical details of a particular patient or some specific community of people whose health conditions are being analyzed. The reports of health analysis determine the treatment of the respective patient, in case someone has been taken ill. Hence, the analysis should be conducted very carefully and all details of the analysis clearly stated to ensure that there is not a single error, as otherwise it may lead to wrong decisions being taken which will eventually prove detrimental to the patient or community’s health.

A health analysis thus includes all the important aspects regarding the health conditions of an individual or certain group of people. The analysis should be conducted in such a way that it considers all essential parameters to assess the health conditions, such as, economic and social status, education background, cultural tastes and preferences, lifestyle, food habits, and such other factors that determine the state of health in a person. The structure of the analysis document should be clear and compact for quick and correct references and should consider the following points to be included:

  • The health analysis should primarily include the name of the organization or institute conducting the analysis and specifically underline the name of the analysts, so that one can contact them at times of need.
  • The analysis commissioning organization or individual’s name should be mentioned.
  • The name and identification details of the patient or the community that has been taken ill should be provided in clear terms.
  • The analysis should identify the illness, factors responsible for the same, and give an outline of the suitable treatment. The case history of the patient or group of patients and details of the disease, its nature, area and causes of spreading, etc. should also be discussed in details.

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