Research analysis is the investigation of a certain research work being performed by any institute, organization, or individual. A research project requires a lot of data collection, observation and, most importantly, the thorough study of every collected document to come to a steady conclusion. The analysis of such a work will naturally be of a serious structure and hence should be performed very carefully. A preliminary knowledge of the actual research project is very important before starting the job of analyzing the particular project. The research analysis document will vary depending on the topic and area of research, but the structure that forms the base of the analysis will remain the same.

Research analysis should start with the presentation of the synopsis of the research project, followed by other essential details and areas of research work. The analysis is to be conducted in such a manner that it brings out the effectiveness and suitability of the project in the respective context of study. The significance and area of work is to be discussed in the analysis, along with the details of various inherent factors to the particular research work.

  • Certain parameters of a research analysis include data collection and assessment, validation of data, case study, and other analytical tools, techniques and procedures applied for the study of the research work.
  • A research analysis document should include certain essential details such as the title of the research project, name of the candidates, summary of the work, name of commissioning authority for the research analysis, name of analysts, and the date of the analysis.
  • The discussion of various parameters and factors considered for research work and their appropriateness forms an important part of the analysis.
  • The approximate budget of the research work should also be analyzed to get an idea of the authenticity of the financial statements.
  • The research analysis should study all aspects of the research project thoroughly and identify areas where it lags behind, and should also provide suggestions for improvement.

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