Service analysis is an important procedure that needs to be followed by any organization in order to understand the standard of service that is being provided by them. The service analysis documents serve as feedback from different consumers as well. This is a necessary process which allows any company to understand and improve the services provided by the company. This type of analysis is generally done in the form of a questionnaire that is provided both to the employees as well as the consumers.

The service analysis makes a study of the broad knowledge in terms of the service provided. This also studies how the customers view the service provided. The employees are tested in their know-how, technical skills as well as their competitive awareness of the services provided by other business corporations. The document sets a certain standard against which the service is judged and this is drafted accordingly, taking into consideration all necessary details:

  • The name of the service provider must be mentioned clearly in the document to give it an authentic look.
  • The standard criteria that is set for judging the current status of the service must also be elaborated on. The factors on which the service is judged can be salesmanship, customer relations, loyalty, sense of professionalism, punctuality etc.
  • The customer feedback is very important. The document must provide adequate provisions for the recording the feedback. Against this, the service analysis will also be done.
  • The service analysis also must provide proper improvement techniques for ensuring the service standard is met in the future. The document must clearly make step by step provisions on how the improvements can be implemented.
  • Such an analysis document must be created with great care as it will serve for future purposes with respect to ensuring the services are up to the mark.

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