A wind data analysis is a document which contains reports of wind movement like wind speed, direction, turbulence intensity etc. it is often required in wind farms where electricity is produced using wind energy and constant updates are necessary to gauge the amount of electricity and power produced. The wind data analysis must be accurate and supported by charts and graphs.

Sample Wind Data Analysis

Name of wind farm where wind data analysis will be conducted: Windy Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Location: 22 Beach Street, Hudson Cove

Year of establishment of wind farm: 1991

Currently number of windmills in use: 20

Wind data analysis prepared by: Dr. Johnson Griffiths, HOD, Power Meter Pvt. Ltd.

Purpose of wind data analysis:

  • To calculate the amount of power produced every day.
  • To gauge the nature, speed and direction of the wind in the area at different times of the day to form a comparative survey.
  • To test the efficacy of wind analysis software like Windographer. Windrose and MINT.
  • To compare the utilitarian value of on-shore and offshore wind farms. Windy Energy in an on shore wind farm, run by Wind Solutions Inc.

An extract from wind data analysis report of May 2011 [also check enclosed pie chart]:

  • South east: 3%
  • North west: 13%
  • South west: 6%
  • East: 10%
  • West: 36%
  • North west: 13%

Date of submission of wind data analysis: 22nd July 2011

For more information or to view the complete report please log onto our website: www.windsolutions.org


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